Due to confidentiality agreements, I can not show the majority of the jewels I designed these last years.
However here are some excerpts of my work for various companies and brands, as well as custom pieces for private clients.

Suspended Stones

With their center stones suspended above the finger, surrounded by lines of diamonds floating around them, these delicate rings seem to be the result of a magic trick, for a precious moment of poetry.



This design was a special order from a customer wanting to surprise his wife with her favorite flowers, made eternal in yellow sapphires and black diamonds.
We worked together to determine the shape of the sunflower pendant, and he loved the result so much that he ordered some matching earrings, making sure this set would be an unforgettable Christmas present.

Green Tourmaline

The creative process started with a beautiful, deep green tourmaline. We needed a design that would do the stone justice, so I worked on a cocktail ring with a timeless, elegant style. The fancy shaped diamonds highlight the depth of the center stone, while bringing light and sparkle to the composition.

Toi & Moi


This toi & moi ring stands out with its asymmetrical stones slightly tilted, as if wanting to reach one another. This makes it a perfect engagment ring, both romantic and modern.