About Me

My name is Chloe, I’m a 29-year-old designer from France, with a passion for both jewelry and travel. This is why you can find me drawing by a pool, in a cafe, or on the beach : I love that my job allows me to work from wherever I want.


I’ve been interested in drawing and creation in general from as long as I can remember : as a child I loved working with plaster, wood or mosaic, during high-school I took classes at my local Beaux-Arts school, and as soon as I graduated I moved to Paris to study Product Design.

After obtaining my Bachelor I decided to follow my true passion and join the « Haute École de Joaillerie » to study Fine Jewelry Design. I thoroughly enjoyed my years there, learning from the best teachers and professionals, discovering new technics ranging from CAD to manufacturing, gouache…

I then moved to Bangkok, at first for a three-month internship that eventually turned into a three-year experience working in a fine jewelry manufacture.

I got to work closely with renouned brands and independant retailers, honing my skills as a designer. I particularly enjoyed attending international fairs in places like Hong-Kong, Vicenza or Las Vegas, as it allowed me to meet with clients, listen to their feedbacks and work to personalize designs on the spot.

I now live in Dubai, working as a freelance jewelry designer. This allowed me to widen my activity : I continue to collaborate with brands, retailers or independant jewelers, and creating custom designs for private customers.